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Your new home starts with you. Your design ideas, even if they are on the back of a napkin, will serve as the foundation of a unique plan for you and your family. Bring photos, layout ideas, and preferences to our first meeting. From there we will create a conceptual layout and design. For more details visit "Where Do We Start"


What happens next?   The Building Process page is a step by step guide that breaks down the construction of your new home into eight major phases. Here you can see what to expect as your home evolves from a design on paper to a finished product.


Building a new home is not only a financial investment, but an investment in a lifestyle for you and your family. Whether this is your first home or one of many, having confidence that you are partnering with the right builder is an important decision. Here you will get answers to a few preliminary questions. If you have additional questions; we encourage you to contact us.

Every Haaswood Home is backed by a Limited Warranty. This written warranty provided to our customers includes coverage for repairs that are not considered normal home maintenance and for major structural defects due to non compliance with building standards. To download the entire warranty document, New Home Warranty

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