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HaasWood Development is a residential construction company owned by Tyler Dugas and Zachary Dugas; brothers who received their bachelors degree in Engineering and later decided to follow in their fathers footsteps; designing and constructing custom homes in southern Louisiana. Tyler and Zachary have been on the job site as long as they can remember and their passion for the business has shown in their quality of work and attention to detail.

Every project is unique and should be exciting for both the builder and homeowner. HaasWood Development takes pride in their communication and transparency with their clients throughout the building process. 

HaasWood Development implements The "Design-Build" approach; which is a method of building where the general contractor organizes both the design and construction of your new home. This method allows you to have a single point of contact during all phases of the project. Since the specifications and price adjustments are being done as the plans are drawn, the Design-Build method gets the project from paper to actual construction quicker and with less cost to the home buyer.


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